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Song of the Day: Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It”

January 30, 2013


This morning, a lovely 70-year-old lady helped me carry an abandoned side table that I’d found by the side of the road and decided to “re-appropriate” (yes, it’s my new buzzword). I know. She’s 65-70 years old. I tried to protest, ok? I’m not proud of it. She had her adorable grandson with her, who […]

So You Wanna Make Money in Shanghai: Business Lessons from the ‘Hai Part 2, 90s Style

October 23, 2012


HOO-HIPPY-RAY! You’ve started a business!   You’ve signed a few deals. Sold some shits. Shaken all those grubby hands. You’ve got it made! You’re on your way up! You’re rollin’ in the hunnies!   But wait. WHERE’S THE MONEY? In Business Lessons from the ‘Hai Part 1, I’ve described how important it is to have […]

So You Wanna Make Money in Shanghai: Business Lessons from Shanghai, Hip-Hop Style

October 6, 2012


In the City That Rains Champagne, admittedly for an exalted few, business opportunities abound and barriers to entry are low. But you know what they say, getting in there is easy, it’s the squalling little brat popping out after nine months that’s tough to handle. This post will be one in a series of business […]

Album of the Day: Shabazz Palaces “Black Up”

March 20, 2012


My reaction to this trippy, futuristic hip-hop group was so weird, I couldn’t understand it at all. When I first heard “An Echo from the Hosts that Profess Infinitum” I was in a crowded subway being pushed and prodded from every damn direction. The opening notes of the track rang out like a compelling siren. […]

Music Videos of the Day: To be Cheap is Glorious

March 17, 2012


I love being cheap! Being painfully stingy is the only way I can indulge guilt-free in important things like 30rmb Baker and Spice mochas and 35rmb Hof chocolate cupcakes. How else would I be able to support the behemoths of capitalism that keep the world running wastefully and often very unethically? St*rbucks needs your help, […]

Song of the Day: China Survival Guide – Rule the Queue Part Finale

February 17, 2012


Victory Parade, y’all! Parts 1-4 in the previous posts. _____________ Part 5 Rollin’ in Smug: DJ Khaled “All I Do is Win”   Duh, because asswipery is in the house. This track is actually quite fun in a I-never-got-over-my-frat-boy-years way. (Since we’re being assholes, is it just me, or are the ladies in this mv…. […]

Song of the Day: China Survival Guide – Rule the Queue Part 4

February 8, 2012


Part 4 of me being awesome (well, at queuing in China, that is). Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. _____________ Part 4 Mutually Assured Destruction Freddie Gibbs “Let them Burn”   Freddie Gibbs is one of the brightest young rappers of recent years. His storytelling is poignant and mesmerizing. It’s like Dangerous Minds without the […]