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Sixto Rodriguez and the Found Words

January 5, 2013


  I’ve been hiding from words for two months. There were a few reasons for this: 1. Work and words were not compatible, in my case. Of course, there are work-words, reassuringly angular, unassumingly regular; squat, sturdy and functional. Press releases, emails to clients, dates, times, sizes, weights, bullet-forms. Work-words were plastic pigeons made of […]

Song of the Day: Pulp “You’re A Nightmare”

November 8, 2012


. I wanted to dedicate this song to the coming Shanghai winter, especially since I keep forgetting that it is – duh, winter, and am still dressing in silly summer frocks. But then I thought of something that is even worse than the bleakest, darkest, frostiest Shanghai winter – and therefore, this song goes out […]

So You Wanna Make Money in Shanghai: Business Lessons from the ‘Hai Part 2, 90s Style

October 23, 2012


HOO-HIPPY-RAY! You’ve started a business!   You’ve signed a few deals. Sold some shits. Shaken all those grubby hands. You’ve got it made! You’re on your way up! You’re rollin’ in the hunnies!   But wait. WHERE’S THE MONEY? In Business Lessons from the ‘Hai Part 1, I’ve described how important it is to have […]

So You Wanna Make Money in Shanghai: Business Lessons from Shanghai, Hip-Hop Style

October 6, 2012


In the City That Rains Champagne, admittedly for an exalted few, business opportunities abound and barriers to entry are low. But you know what they say, getting in there is easy, it’s the squalling little brat popping out after nine months that’s tough to handle. This post will be one in a series of business […]

Breakup Songs: Bai Bai, Sh’Hai

October 1, 2012


Shanghai, I’m breaking up with you. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s been a beautiful 2+ years. You’re beautiful. I’m beautiful. We’re all beautiful. But maybe we’re too beautiful for each other. This city is about 50 times the size of my home village country, but it’s still not big enough for the both of […]