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Review 12: PVT

February 22, 2012


Method of choosing: I was eating seasonal cherries and kept my finger on the forward arrow button, running through all the files, and stopping when I spit out the seed of the cherry I was chewing. Albums available: O Soundtrack my Heart, Church with No Magic Hypothesis:  Euro dudes who perform in outsized blazers and solid colored […]

Review 10 Part 1: Girls

January 8, 2012


Method of choosing: I stumbled upon “Vomit”, spent the entire song mouth-agape, then opened my treasure trove and ripped into the Girls folder like a hyena into a fresh deer carcass. Albums available: Album, Father Son & Holy Ghost, Broken Dreams (EP) Hypothesis: So obviously I already know what their music deal is – haunting, […]

Review 9: At the Drive-In Part Wun

November 25, 2011


Method of choosing: I held down the down arrow key and stroked my cat until she ran away. This was the folder I stopped at. (It’s worth mentioning that I made it through 2 rounds of the entire collection of albums until the dollface got tired of my stroking. She is a fluffy little diva, […]

Review 1: Flogging Molly

July 25, 2011


Method of choosing: Toggled the up-down bar madly with eyes closed, then positioned cursor randomly on screen. Albums available: Drunken Lullabies, Float, Swagger, Within a Mile of Home Hypothesis (what I think they will sound and look like based on band name and album name): This will have NO females in the group. It will […]