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So You Wanna Make Money in Shanghai: Business Lessons from Shanghai, Hip-Hop Style

October 6, 2012


In the City That Rains Champagne, admittedly for an exalted few, business opportunities abound and barriers to entry are low. But you know what they say, getting in there is easy, it’s the squalling little brat popping out after nine months that’s tough to handle. This post will be one in a series of business […]

Music Videos that Make Me Happy

July 25, 2011


Love’s A Game – The Magic Numbers Soft-toned, capture-the-moment frames with pretty lighting – the video’s a lovely lomo spectacle. And I’m really into lomos, so it’s visually perfect for me. Also, the song fits the image poem perfectly, with just the right doses of nostalgia, good feeling and lightness of touch. Plus I’m a […]