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Song of the Day: Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith “Not in Love”

April 15, 2012


Unlike the song title, I am in love. And I would also love to be all blustery and belligerent and say I LOVE THIS SONG BECAUSE I LOVE ROBERT SMITH but then that wouldn’t be true, because I’d love this even without. Robert Smith here is the gold-leaf covering the cream-filled, peanut-butter-slathered double fudge chocolate […]

Song of the Day: Beach House “Norway”

April 5, 2012


I have a confession to make. Norway makes me think of beautiful grey-coloured things. Romantically melancholic concrete blocks, dank dish-water skies, slow but incessant rain, convenience stores, and all those things I secretly like. . . This track embodies all that in sound – the pace, melody and stoner lyrics are perfect for my dust-bunny-shaded […]

Review 10 Part 1: Girls

January 8, 2012


Method of choosing: I stumbled upon “Vomit”, spent the entire song mouth-agape, then opened my treasure trove and ripped into the Girls folder like a hyena into a fresh deer carcass. Albums available: Album, Father Son & Holy Ghost, Broken Dreams (EP) Hypothesis: So obviously I already know what their music deal is – haunting, […]

Songs of the Day/ (Mini) Review: Yuck

December 27, 2011


This London-based indie rock band is rocking my world. Their super guitar riffs made me want to (ok, I did) leap into the air to do those delightfully 90s air guitar moves, best carried out by those who want to be able to play the guitar but can’t be arsed to put effort into learning […]

Review 8: Black Partridge

November 2, 2011


So. Obsessed. So, so so obsessed. Lovelovelovelovelove. OK, stop it, do things properly. Ahem. Method of choosing: This is not from my treasure box. I actually got one song, “Right Place”, from a playlist downloaded from Obscure Sound. And then spent the new few hours hitting ‘repeat’ on my mp3 player. Albums available: None. They’ve […]