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Song of the Day: The Twees “Temperamental Health”

May 24, 2012


Hey, someone wrote a song about my lung-wrecking cough.   The past couple of days have been a bit shite, and it doesn’t help that I’ve been wheezing like a smoking addict. Disease and Pollution, get thee from my lungs. Still, a head full of wool is best cured with strong, simple tunes and awesome […]

Song of the Day: Beach House “Norway”

April 5, 2012


I have a confession to make. Norway makes me think of beautiful grey-coloured things. Romantically melancholic concrete blocks, dank dish-water skies, slow but incessant rain, convenience stores, and all those things I secretly like. . . This track embodies all that in sound – the pace, melody and stoner lyrics are perfect for my dust-bunny-shaded […]

Music Videos of the Day: To be Cheap is Glorious

March 17, 2012


I love being cheap! Being painfully stingy is the only way I can indulge guilt-free in important things like 30rmb Baker and Spice mochas and 35rmb Hof chocolate cupcakes. How else would I be able to support the behemoths of capitalism that keep the world running wastefully and often very unethically? St*rbucks needs your help, […]

The Great Big Cover Up: The Temptations’ “My Girl”

January 9, 2012


Today, a blast from the past that got shaken n’ stirred in various presents. “My Girl” was released by The Temptations in 1964, and was written by the great Smokey Robinson in reportedly 10-20 minutes, thank you very much. It launched the career of then-Johnny-come-lately David Ruffin, who had only joined The Temptations as a […]

Song for Homecoming: Best Coast’s “Bratty B”

January 2, 2012


Best Coast is one of my fav garage rock-type bands. Their album Crazy For You has been on repeat mode on my music player several times, just coz it’s so easy and comforting to listen to. And that is definitely not meant in a disparaging way. I firmly believe music doesn’t always have to be crazily left-of-field to be […]

Songs of the Day/ (Mini) Review: Yuck

December 27, 2011


This London-based indie rock band is rocking my world. Their super guitar riffs made me want to (ok, I did) leap into the air to do those delightfully 90s air guitar moves, best carried out by those who want to be able to play the guitar but can’t be arsed to put effort into learning […]

A Bit o’ Heh Heh Heh on a Monday Night/ Tuesday Morning aka And You Thought Hootie and the Blowfish was Bad

December 20, 2011


Well the lovely clever folks at The A.V. Club have rounded up probably… the best list made ever this year. A year in crazy-ass band names! Clik-pik: My favs: The Roast Beef Curtains, only because I’m never heard of, huh, lady part thusly and so accurately described. And whaddaya know, they iz on Yootoob, giving […]

Song of the Day: Wilco’s “Country Disappeared”

November 28, 2011


From the sweet, sad album of the same name, “Country Disappeared” was essentially my introduction to this great band. I listened to it over and over in the first few days after I moved to Shanghai. I used to live in the outskirts of the city, and I remember listening to it on the tuk-tuk […]

Song of the Day: TV Girl’s “Lizzy Come Back to Life”

November 17, 2011


What a krazy klunker of a day. Luckily I started it with this nutty, chilled-out song: TV Girl is a indie-pop (San Diego Reader calls it “Lo-fi bubblegum pop geared for the children of chillwave”) group from San Diego who makes the best music for sticky summer day lying by the pool with big sunglasses. […]

Song of the Day: Misty Blue’s “Comfort”

November 8, 2011


A few years ago, I was obsessed with really enjoyed a Korean drama series by the title of The Coffee Prince, or The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, or whatever. I know details get lost in translation. Anyhoodle, there were many things ridiculous about the show, but it had an outstanding OST, which ran from […]