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Review 8: Black Partridge

November 2, 2011


So. Obsessed. So, so so obsessed. Lovelovelovelovelove. OK, stop it, do things properly. Ahem. Method of choosing: This is not from my treasure box. I actually got one song, “Right Place”, from a playlist downloaded from Obscure Sound. And then spent the new few hours hitting ‘repeat’ on my mp3 player. Albums available: None. They’ve […]

Review 6: Cibo Matto

September 15, 2011


Method of choosing: No bright ideas, so just ran my eye down the list until I saw “Cibo (Matto)”. “Cibo” sounds remarkably similar to “vagina” in my language, so of course I had to choose it. Choice: Cibo Matto Albums available: Cibo Matto, Stereotype A, Super Relax Ep, VIVA! La Woman Hypothesis: Well I actually […]

Review 3: Phoenix

July 27, 2011


Method of choosing: Opened folder, closed eyes and toggled arrow keys up and down; swirled mouse randomly about. Albums available: It’s Never Been Like That, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Hypothesis: The band name is nicely unobtrusive. Still, references to ‘phoenixes’ (rising from the ashes, mythologies, Harry Potter if you’re pretty young, ‘Mystiques ‘of the ‘Orient’ if […]

Review 2: Filter

July 26, 2011


Method of choosing: Opened folder, tossed a piece of tissue up and ran mouse in circles until it hit the floor. Albums available: Short Bus, Title of Record Hypothesis: This must be rock, right? College rock. Somehow that’s always what I associate with college rock-ish/ alternative bands – Bush, Soundgarden, ermm. Interpol? Ok, I have […]