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Homecoming Songs: Age 0 – 13

August 16, 2012


“Homecoming” is meant quite literally here. I’m currently back in Sunny Singapura for 12 blissful days, and strangely, this trip has been a rather emotional one for me. Somehow I have managed to sashay jauntily across Shanghai (and etc) for the past 2+ years, tailfeather shaking and all, without missing – or indeed, thinking of […]

Songs of (yester)Day: A Tale of Two [Cool-ASS] Cities

January 4, 2012


The origin of various genres of music has long been a source of fascination. A music history class at uni led me to Greil Marcus, and after I read Lipstick Traces I was sold. Greil Marcus is basically a historian who uses music and the evolution of its forms to study contemporary history, focussing on […]

Ravel’s Awesome Bolero

October 21, 2011


This is pure magic. It’s knee-weakening to witness such a flawless combination of music, dance and art. I was scrolling through Youtube, when the thumbnail for this breathtaking performance caught my attention with its bold red-black color and set design. And when I clicked on it, I just knew this was one of those sharp-intake-of-breath […]

Nodame Cantabile

September 28, 2011


My love for classical music started really young (6? 7?) and, while dimmed at moments in my life, never abated. Till I entered secondary school I listened almost exclusively to classical music and oldies of the “Moooooon Riiiiiiver” ilk. In fact, one of my fondest childhood memories was the dress-up parties I had (in my […]