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Song of the Day: Flunk “Cigarette Burns”

July 16, 2012


So, I discovered Flunk almost one year after they toured China, stopping in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu and – yes, Shanghai. Isn’t life incredible? *covers face in pillow and screams* Why the reaction? Because: . . After 5 seconds of the opening bars, I realised I was listening to my new favorite song. I’ve not had […]

Album of the Day: Shabazz Palaces “Black Up”

March 20, 2012


My reaction to this trippy, futuristic hip-hop group was so weird, I couldn’t understand it at all. When I first heard “An Echo from the Hosts that Profess Infinitum” I was in a crowded subway being pushed and prodded from every damn direction. The opening notes of the track rang out like a compelling siren. […]

A Bit o’ Heh Heh Heh on a Monday Night/ Tuesday Morning aka And You Thought Hootie and the Blowfish was Bad

December 20, 2011


Well the lovely clever folks at The A.V. Club have rounded up probably… the best list made ever this year. A year in crazy-ass band names! Clik-pik: My favs: The Roast Beef Curtains, only because I’m never heard of, huh, lady part thusly and so accurately described. And whaddaya know, they iz on Yootoob, giving […]

Review 6: Cibo Matto

September 15, 2011


Method of choosing: No bright ideas, so just ran my eye down the list until I saw “Cibo (Matto)”. “Cibo” sounds remarkably similar to “vagina” in my language, so of course I had to choose it. Choice: Cibo Matto Albums available: Cibo Matto, Stereotype A, Super Relax Ep, VIVA! La Woman Hypothesis: Well I actually […]