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Song of the Day: Kavinsky “Nightcall”

August 24, 2012


Some songs just put all kinds of visuals into your head. (No, not pre-teen love.) . . This very electro-pop/house track by French house maestro Kavinsky is such a video or movie song. Listening to it makes me conjure up scenes of a doomed love between a forlorn werewolf and a bodaciously-bodded pinup dame. This […]

Song of the Day: Flunk “Cigarette Burns”

July 16, 2012


So, I discovered Flunk almost one year after they toured China, stopping in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu and – yes, Shanghai. Isn’t life incredible? *covers face in pillow and screams* Why the reaction? Because: . . After 5 seconds of the opening bars, I realised I was listening to my new favorite song. I’ve not had […]

Song of the Day: Omar Faruk Tekbilek “Aksak” (Amon Tobin remix)

June 28, 2012


. I’ve been listening to “Aksak” rabidly for 2 years. I listen to it on the long bus commute to work, I listen to it on the treadmill, on round-Shanghai walks, in the supermarket, when I’m trying to sleep. I listen to this track a lot. And somehow it never gets old. I mean, if this […]

Song of the Day: Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith “Not in Love”

April 15, 2012


Unlike the song title, I am in love. And I would also love to be all blustery and belligerent and say I LOVE THIS SONG BECAUSE I LOVE ROBERT SMITH but then that wouldn’t be true, because I’d love this even without. Robert Smith here is the gold-leaf covering the cream-filled, peanut-butter-slathered double fudge chocolate […]

Music Videos of the Day: To be Cheap is Glorious

March 17, 2012


I love being cheap! Being painfully stingy is the only way I can indulge guilt-free in important things like 30rmb Baker and Spice mochas and 35rmb Hof chocolate cupcakes. How else would I be able to support the behemoths of capitalism that keep the world running wastefully and often very unethically? St*rbucks needs your help, […]