Songs of the Day/ (Mini) Review: Yuck

Posted on December 27, 2011


The actual members are better-looking, really.

This London-based indie rock band is rocking my world. Their super guitar riffs made me want to (ok, I did) leap into the air to do those delightfully 90s air guitar moves, best carried out by those who want to be able to play the guitar but can’t be arsed to put effort into learning it. (Me.)

Here’s a little nugget from the B-side of Holing Out, “Coconut Bible”. It’s a good, rock-ey track with really enjoyable guitar riffs.

But it’s not their best. This is just their B-side material, which I’m wondering if they included mostly cos the song lyrics are very well-written, funny and mournful. Commenters on Youtube are all, “How come this is B-side????” Here’s why:

“Get Away” is one proper song. The darker, almost blistering guitars, the gradual buildup of angst, the heavier beats – hello grunge! Yuck claims influences from Pavement, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr, which almost brings tears to my eyes for those glorious bygone years. (old, decrepit, over-the-hill, yeah, shutupshutup.)

And they serve up very respectable shoe-gaze as well:

“Rubber” is ridiculously good. Be warned – there are hawt bitchez in da house. (oh boy) I love a (musical) hammer blow to the gut any time – properly employed, of course. I think one of my peeves with many noob punk bands is that they try to do just that but end up just disintegrating into ineffectual screeching.

It’s amazing that their album was released only this year. I guess the one thing about releasing an awesome first album is the the crushing weight of expectations for the next one usually drags down the actual effort, but Yuck is not exactly new to the scene – check out their back story, very enjoyably written up by Guardian.

Yuck! Fruit n veg!

And if you live in China like me, and did not invest in a VPN (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU) unlike me, BBC has been kind to you. Reviews and streaming. Enjoy!

Since I now have to do this annoying thing called”work”, I’m gonna leave you here with more shoegaze goodness. “Suicide Policeman” is still my favourite Yuck track.


Edit: Real Gone Rocks wrote about Yuck’s various musical influences (or maybe copycatting). It’s an very interesting read, and while several good points are made, I don’t think they detract from the band’s style and direction.

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