Song of the Day: Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith “Not in Love”

Posted on April 15, 2012


what he's doing looks awesome. foto@me

Unlike the song title, I am in love.

And I would also love to be all blustery and belligerent and say I LOVE THIS SONG BECAUSE I LOVE ROBERT SMITH but then that wouldn’t be true, because I’d love this even without. Robert Smith here is the gold-leaf covering the cream-filled, peanut-butter-slathered double fudge chocolate cake.



Crystal Castles are a Canadian synthpop/ electronic dance band composed of the duo Ethan Kath and Alice Glass. They pretty much bulldozed their way to indie stardom with their wide, daring range and sampling, fuck-off interview answers “We aren’t even a band! This is just some shit we put together” (1) and outrageous live performances:

During their slot in the John Peel tent, Glass climbed to the top of a speaker stack after diving into the photo pit several times.
An unimpressed safety crew then pulled the plug on the Canadian band’s music, leaving the singer on top of the speakers wondering what to do.
She returned to the stage and shouted: “They’re shutting us off! Who’s in charge?”
The crew eventually relented and the return of the music saw crowd surfers surging toward the stager for the remainder of the show, reports the NME.
However, having taken to the stage slightly later than scheduled, the band were forced to wrap up their performance in just 20 minutes. (2)

(also see here.)

Hilarious. Still, their music are seriously delish ear (whipped) cream. And getting Robert Smith in on vocals here? Genius.

Something has to be said about these guys though, which is probably testament to the success of their PR machine. Their balls-to-the-wall approach – both musically as well as behaviourally – has got them serious crowd love. Pitchfork says of their 2010 album Crystal Castles “Crystal Castles may have come on at the tail-end of the blog-house/nu-rave/French-touch mini-rage, but they’ve now transcended it, moving from scene linchpin to indie stars.” Big love. BBC gushed that listening to them “is to be cast adrift in a vortex of deafening pain without a safety net. You get the feeling you could do anything in the world, but that ‘anything’ would ultimately mean nothing. Crystal Castles marks a nuanced emotional territory that dance music never covered before.” From a ‘tube commenter: “I cant tell you what this song means to me. It took 4.6 billion years but its finally here, perfection! I’m just glad to be blessed enough to hear it.” Uh, ok. Wow.

In any case, Crystal Castles are in Warsaw recording their third album due to be out under Fiction Records this year. (3) Wheee.

While you wait, knock yourselves out on their awesome, very well-maintained tumblr.


(1) “Walking on Glass”, The Fader

(2) “Crystal Castles Anger Glastonbury Staff”, Contact Music