Music Videos that Make Me Happy

Posted on July 25, 2011


Love’s A Game – The Magic Numbers

overexposure can be so pretty

Soft-toned, capture-the-moment frames with pretty lighting – the video’s a lovely lomo spectacle. And I’m really into lomos, so it’s visually perfect for me. Also, the song fits the image poem perfectly, with just the right doses of nostalgia, good feeling and lightness of touch. Plus I’m a big sucker for music vids that show the quiet camaraderie the band has behind-the-scenes and having fun making music and living with each other.



VCR – The xx

minimalist gorgeousness

A sweet relationship, beautiful house, adorable monkey set to a dignified, whispery soundtrack. The poignant lyrics and stripped melody are perfectly complemented by a quietly narrated story of a young couple moving in together. Each breath taken in the song is expressed by a corresponding paused frame of contemplation in the video. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had this on repeat on youtube.

Directed by the amazing Marcus Söderlund.



Cool – Gwen Stefani

i hate beautiful scenery and beautiful people. i'm sure we have that in common.

Apart from Gwen looking absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous, she convincingly portrayed her role in her flashbacks as a young brown-eyed girl innocently, beautifully in love with her olive-skinned young man. Acting seems to be a skill that eludes many musicians, but Gwen’s portrayal of her younger self was touchingly expressed. Also! Lake Como. Actually, it’s all Lake Como. I wouldn’t have loved this so much if it had been set in, like, downtown Seattle. Well played, Gwen.