Ravel’s Awesome Bolero

Posted on October 21, 2011


This is pure magic.

This woman is 46 years old. Yeah.

It’s knee-weakening to witness such a flawless combination of music, dance and art. I was scrolling through Youtube, when the thumbnail for this breathtaking performance caught my attention with its bold red-black color and set design. And when I clicked on it, I just knew this was one of those sharp-intake-of-breath transcendental moments. I’ll leave you to breathe your own intakes sharply.

Sylvie, I heart you

Crazy compelling

OK so that’s Sylvie Guillem, ballet-dancer-extraordinaire-turned-modern-dancer-extraordinaire, performing Maurice Bejart‘s choreography to Bolero’s Ravel. The music is ravishingly sensual; the chereography is supremely confident in its eccentricities and raw, animalistic energy – at one point Sylvie even smooths down her hair, and it actually looked completely natural – the set and costumes are stunning, simply arresting in their unapologetically dramatic simplicity.

It’s an amazing performance made more so by the commanding feline sensuality of Sylvie, who prowls her circular blood-coloured domain compelling, cajoling, raging, despairing, exulting. It’s intense.

They should make more music videos like this. Now I have a bit of a headache, but it’s a great one.

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