Woo…woooo: Songs of the Hungry Ghost Festival, Singapore Getai

August 24, 2013


We must be now… mid-week? into that month of the year which everyone dreads/ looks forward to with morbid fascination. Someone once said to me, “What is it with Singaporeans and ghosts?” WELL, buster, we can’t help it if we get a little bit obsessed concerned when the gates of hell open for one entire […]

Painting the Town Grey: Songs of the Singapore Haze

June 20, 2013


It’s that time of the year again when Singaporeans suddenly remember there’s this place called “Kalimantan” where things are burning, and it sucks cos the air gets smoky and shit, and why isn’t the government doing anything, and how come we still have to go to work. Where is that stupid Kalimantan anyway? Is it […]

Songs of the Past Decades of my Life: Working Hard is Bullshit

May 6, 2013


It feels like I only go backwards darling So this blog post is nothing revolutionary, but it is about a recent revelation that is nothing short of a complete change of my heart, mind and soul. Namely: Working Hard is Bull-Effin-Shit. ~ Tame Impala, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” ~ It seems that I […]

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Have You Seen That Song? “Too Many Ads, Too Little Sex”

April 21, 2013


A friend and I started a friendly song-photography contest. The rules: 1. Each photo should represent/ be inspired by a song 2. Photos are to be taken within 24 hours of the agreed flag-off 3. Photos should be taken low-tech, with mobile phone cameras (well, low-camera-tech, anyhow) Here is my first entry: Kinda hard to […]

Song of the Day: Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning”

March 24, 2013


It’s just the wasted years so close behind No-one can do depressing the way Velvet Underground can, even when talking about Sunday mornings. Well technically it’s already Sunday night here on my little island, but somewhere out there in the world there must be a timezone that fits. Failing which, well, there is always next […]

Song of the Day: Camera Obscura’s “French Navy”

February 23, 2013


Here we have: A blossoming romance in Paris 20+ dancing/ horsing-around scenes 30+ kissing scenes (including the Spiderman kiss somewhere in the middle of the vid) an impending breakup in Rome a sort-of Kate Middleton and some skinny hairy dude Sometimes we just need something simple and sweet for the weekend. Camera Obscura is a 7 […]

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An Incantation Song: “Creep” (by various people)

February 15, 2013


I’ve lost someone. I thought I hated her, detested her, didn’t want her in my life. So I drove her away – but now, after about 15 years I realise that I was wrong, and I want her back. And so this is my incantation, my wand-waving spell, my glittering multi-coloured charm, and also my […]