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Doo-Wot? Misogyny, Sexual Deviance and General Creepiness in Doo-Wop Songs

December 9, 2013


I spent the past weekend in a full-blown rockabilly/ doo-wop kick. This could be blamed on having recently spent the most gloriously enjoyable Friday night in an awesome little pub where a live band of 40-somethings cranked out the 50s and a mob no younger than 60 shuffled, grooved and jived on the puny dancefloor, […]

Song of the Day: Etta James, “I’d Rather Go Blind”

December 1, 2013


First, allow me to explain the reason for the lame hipsterised photo. What I was trying to show in my eyeballs was my Poppycat staring back at me with his huge pretty eyes. Clearly, that didn’t work out, and I couldn’t be arsed to find another photo, so I lomofied it to hide my shitty […]

No Money, Got Honey: Songs for the Poor but In Love

October 27, 2013


So the bro-dude got married to his high school sweetheart last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and we all now have a residual beam in our (cold, withered) hearts. At the dinner event, my sister and cousins formed a short-lived orchestra comprising of a guitar, a ukele and several strained voices. They performed this […]

Woo…woooo: Songs of the Hungry Ghost Festival, Singapore Getai

August 24, 2013


We must be now… mid-week? into that month of the year which everyone dreads/ looks forward to with morbid fascination. Someone once said to me, “What is it with Singaporeans and ghosts?” WELL, buster, we can’t help it if we get a little bit obsessed concerned when the gates of hell open for one entire […]

Song of the Day: Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning”

March 24, 2013


It’s just the wasted years so close behind No-one can do depressing the way Velvet Underground can, even when talking about Sunday mornings. Well technically it’s already Sunday night here on my little island, but somewhere out there in the world there must be a timezone that fits. Failing which, well, there is always next […]

An Incantation Song: “Creep” (by various people)

February 15, 2013


I’ve lost someone. I thought I hated her, detested her, didn’t want her in my life. So I drove her away – but now, after about 15 years I realise that I was wrong, and I want her back. And so this is my incantation, my wand-waving spell, my glittering multi-coloured charm, and also my […]

Song of the Day: Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It”

January 30, 2013


This morning, a lovely 70-year-old lady helped me carry an abandoned side table that I’d found by the side of the road and decided to “re-appropriate” (yes, it’s my new buzzword). I know. She’s 65-70 years old. I tried to protest, ok? I’m not proud of it. She had her adorable grandson with her, who […]