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Songs of the Year: 2013 in 13 Tunes

January 6, 2014


It’s already 6 full bleeping days into 2014 but I’m still not done with the awesomeness of last year. Even in the spectacular mountain range of YESSSS! which I have been hiking since 2009, 2013 was a pretty outstanding peak. Wonderful moments are difficult to distill into neat little bullet points, but I’m going to have […]

Woo…woooo: Songs of the Hungry Ghost Festival, Singapore Getai

August 24, 2013


We must be now… mid-week? into that month of the year which everyone dreads/ looks forward to with morbid fascination. Someone once said to me, “What is it with Singaporeans and ghosts?” WELL, buster, we can’t help it if we get a little bit obsessed concerned when the gates of hell open for one entire […]

Homecoming Songs: Age 13 – 16

January 11, 2013


Turning th..thir…th…thirt…twenty-five sure makes one dreamily reminiscent about those darned teen years. I had my parents, the one or two friends I actually had who were real human beings and my penchant for reading soppy books about ballet to thank for my musical tastes pre-13; after that, peer pressure and mainstream radio took centerstage. (Perfect […]

Homecoming Songs: Age 0 – 13

August 16, 2012


“Homecoming” is meant quite literally here. I’m currently back in Sunny Singapura for 12 blissful days, and strangely, this trip has been a rather emotional one for me. Somehow I have managed to sashay jauntily across Shanghai (and etc) for the past 2+ years, tailfeather shaking and all, without missing – or indeed, thinking of […]

Max Tundra at LOgO in Shanghai

October 24, 2011


So. Last Saturday a musically-in-the-know pal persuaded me to go to LOgO to see an “electronica” chappie named Max Tundra. “You’ll love it,” said he. “I just know you’ll love it.” I got there early, and there was quite the young, snappy-lookin’ crowd milling outside the club and speaking with poshie London accents. Nice. At […]

Ravel’s Awesome Bolero

October 21, 2011


This is pure magic. It’s knee-weakening to witness such a flawless combination of music, dance and art. I was scrolling through Youtube, when the thumbnail for this breathtaking performance caught my attention with its bold red-black color and set design. And when I clicked on it, I just knew this was one of those sharp-intake-of-breath […]

Nodame Cantabile

September 28, 2011


My love for classical music started really young (6? 7?) and, while dimmed at moments in my life, never abated. Till I entered secondary school I listened almost exclusively to classical music and oldies of the “Moooooon Riiiiiiver” ilk. In fact, one of my fondest childhood memories was the dress-up parties I had (in my […]