Best of the Best-ofs

Posted on January 6, 2014


Cross into 2014 with wild abandon! |foto@me

Fuck that, cross into 2014 with wild abandon! |foto@me

2013: Oh What A Year.

(Let me say that again.)


In the final weeks of 2013, the interwebs were rife with Best-Of lists. I love me a Best-Of list, and there are some truly stellar compilations out there. It’s 5 days into 2014, but I’m still obsessing over various Best-of lists and thinking about 2013. So, if you are dated and slow like me, here’s a tiny compilation of what I enjoyed:

1. Mike Mineo over on Obscure Sound rounded up some ridiculously good shit. (Sometimes I feel like there’s no need to do anything else except trawl that gem of a website.)

2. Salon’s Best and Worst Music Moments of 2013 gave us the winning phrases “pop scold” (Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here” – I agree equally hard), “R&B Rasputin” (Pharrell Williams – yes), “features a giant mosquito, a messy baby and the dumbest font this side of Comic Sans” (the cover for Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Mosquito” – ouch!) and saving the best for last, “Guitar Fest wankfest” (Eric Clapton).

3. Google asked, What Did the World Search for in 2013? (If you’re afraid of the answers, you should be.) (Answer: Miley Cyrus, Harlem Shake, Robin Thicke)

4. Speaking of Robin Thicke, this is a ball-kickingly hilarious article from The Rolling Stone. BiffBamPOW.

5. Spin’s 50 Best Songs – I went through quite a few Best Songs lists, and while it’s a bit on the durrty side, Spin’s is my fav. #50 pretty much set the tone.

6. Music documentaries – what? How have I gone through an entire year without seeing any of these? Paste Mag points you in the right direction. What they said, by the way: “We at Paste are partial to the music documentary—it combines two of our deepest passions, music and film.” YES.

7. And finally, my weakness, my time drain, my absolute Archilles heel – MUSIC VIDS. What was the best of the Best of 2013 Music Video lists? I sat through many of them. And I uh-huhhed most to Consequence of Sound and The 405. Both contain vids I’ve never seen before. It’s 4 hours of my life I’ll never get back but dayyum it was worth it.

So yeah we’re already 5 days into 2014 and I’m still thinking about the year gone by. Mostly, because, OH WHAT A YEAR. 2013 rocked my face off, and I’m gonna put it in song in the next post.