Song of the Past Two Weeks: The Clash, “London Calling”

Posted on October 1, 2013


Yes, because I’m such a cliche.

Also a cliche, but such a delish one:

where have you been all my life

where have you been all my life


That damn thing was bigger than my head. And I ate it with a chip sandwich, which is a slice of buttered white bread stuffed with chips. It’s full of YES.

London has been pretty good to me so far. Here’s the score as of today:

Cold winds: plenty

sun: some

cider: LOTS

money flowing outta my pocket: tons

happy moments: quite a few

excitement: positively stratospheric levels

I really dislike short posts, especially since I don’t post too often but MAN am I tired! One thing for sure, is that I’m not quite too old to feel frazzled/ inspired in a new environment. That’s a pleasant surprise. Almost as pleasant as pubs and clean toilets. In any case, London’s calling, and I’m picking up the damn phone! Speak soon.


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