Song of the Day: Camera Obscura’s “French Navy”

Posted on February 23, 2013


Here we have:

  • A blossoming romance in Paris
  • 20+ dancing/ horsing-around scenes
  • 30+ kissing scenes (including the Spiderman kiss somewhere in the middle of the vid)
  • an impending breakup in Rome
  • a sort-of Kate Middleton and some skinny hairy dude

Sometimes we just need something simple and sweet for the weekend.

Camera Obscura is a 7 year old band from Scotland, and they have really pretty songs and mvs. The Holga-look-to-achieve-evocativeness is a real weakness of mine. “French Navy” was the band’s first single from the album My Maudlin Career, released in 2009. They’ve got the talented Blair Young to thank for this jigsaw-piece of an mv, in which a fairly typical love story is told in a really fun blast of retro color.

Check out some other Camera Obscura mvs on a playlist put together on The Daily Motion.

Also, if you need something more stimulating on the topic of camera obscuras, you could weigh in on the historical investigation on whether Johannes Vemeer was guilty of using the optical device in his painting.

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