Song of the Day: Pulp “You’re A Nightmare”

Posted on November 8, 2012



I wanted to dedicate this song to the coming Shanghai winter, especially since I keep forgetting that it is – duh, winter, and am still dressing in silly summer frocks.

But then I thought of something that is even worse than the bleakest, darkest, frostiest Shanghai winter – and therefore, this song goes out to all you Shanghai CD/DVD push-carters out there.

Perhaps once upon a time “Some say love… it is a flower…” might possibly have touched the heartstrings of a few weepy moms, or perhaps Michael Buble didn’t do a good enough job bastardising “Sway”. Also, “Besame Muchos”. I don’t really know what else to say about that. But playing these songs on REPEAT MODE ALL DAY EVERYDAY? REALLY? REALLY?

Really, guys. Who the hell buys anything from you? You are the scourge of Shanghai, you are. There is such a thing called as playlist. Please employ it. Repeat into infinitude is NOT song selection. Also, would you not want to show your potential customers that you actually have more than 3 songs in rotation?

I’ve heard some conspiracy theorists whisper that the songs signal the arrival of the anti-pushcart police force, in that one particular song plays over and over and over again until said squad arrives, whereby the first community-minded pushcarter switches songs to warn all the others.

Bullshit. Shanghai is a pushcart-eat-pushcart world, where every pushcart sells exactly the same thing and sales are more a matter of luck than strategy.

In any case, for the rest of the non-Shanghaiites, Pulp is boss, as usual. “You’re a Nightmare” is one slamming, slapping, in-your-face boss track, especially when Jarvis’ soft vocals are combined with his caustic, blistering lyrics and gentle 80s-sample melody.

Happy winter, y’all!

Jarvis and gang love you, kittens