Song of the Day: Kavinsky “Nightcall”

Posted on August 24, 2012


Maybe not a night call, but certainly a good one. foto@me

Some songs just put all kinds of visuals into your head. (No, not pre-teen love.)



This very electro-pop/house track by French house maestro Kavinsky is such a video or movie song. Listening to it makes me conjure up scenes of a doomed love between a forlorn werewolf and a bodaciously-bodded pinup dame. This could be a great movie soundtrack! (I’m obviously not the first to realise this; “Nightcall” propelled Kavinsky to international fame when it was used on the soundtrack of the 2011 Ryan Gosling movie Drive.) Let’s make the babe a high-class call girl. Night Call, geddit? Then my movie can be titled “The Were & the Whore”. And “Nightcall” could play in the heartwrenching scene where Werewolf crouches beneath the window of his love as she is making her, er, night calls.

His eyes are blood-shot; his claws are digging into the earth; the muscles on his neck are bunched as tight as rope knots. He is torn between bounding up the stairs and tearing the man to bits, and respecting the so-difficult choices of his ladylove.

In the meanwhile, Ladylove aka Whore senses something amiss. Her eyes wander repeatedly to the open window, and the tiny hairs on her delicate neck prickle. Her client doesn’t take kindly to her lack of attentions; he smacks her sharply on the side of her dyed-blonde head, making her gasp and mumble a quick apology.

Were’s sharp, werewolfy ears pick up the almost inaudible breath of despair, and his fury mounts. In just a few seconds, he is going to lose control and burst through the fake Baroque doors and up the Ikea-carpeted stairs…

There! Cliches, supernatural tropes, patriarchal undertones and smutty sex. I’m a Harlequin Fantasy! Thank you, Kavinsky, for making my dreams come true.

P/S: 20 MILLION views on that Youtube vid! How about that!