Song of the Day: Isbells “Dreamer”

Posted on August 2, 2012


Dreamy weekend afternoon. That’s right, get drunk bitches. foto@me

My current love for folksies continue.



Getting into a foursome was a pretty good move for Isbells (it’s a pretty good move for anybody, I think). Originally a one-man-show by Belgian Gaëtan Vandewoude, Isbells now also boasts Naïma Joris, Bart Borremans and Gianni Marzo. Although the decision to go-fer-four seems to have been made for live performance purposes, I think the studio-recorded tracks have benefitted as well. They sound more rounded-out with full backing instrumentals, especially since Gaëtan Vandewoude’s vocals have a gentle spareness to it.

Which is not to say solo Gaëtan doesn’t sound good. Here he is on his previous album, Isbells, as a one-man Isbells.

Have a good weekend, y’all!