Song of the Day: Flunk “Cigarette Burns”

Posted on July 16, 2012


So, I discovered Flunk almost one year after they toured China, stopping in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu and – yes, Shanghai. Isn’t life incredible?

*covers face in pillow and screams*

Why the reaction? Because:



After 5 seconds of the opening bars, I realised I was listening to my new favorite song. I’ve not had such a reaction since I heard Black Partridge’s “Right Place” and TV Girl’s “Lizzy Come Back to Life”. “Cigarette Burns” is going to be on my Obsessive Playlist soundtrack.  This is not to say any of those songs are perfect – even if there is a way to gauge the perfection of music. It’s just that Flunk’s music appeals to me because I have a bias towards songs that are floaty, easy on the ear and have a bit of a twisted retro-vibe. This usually means folksy-electronica, which is exactly the jam of this Norwegian band.

But to be accurate, not all of Flunk’s tracks sound like this. I’m less taken when they tip the scales more heavily towards electronica, although those tracks are certainly good stuff. But what I especially love about Flunk is Anja Oyen Vister’s ethereal vocals, which sound otherworldly but also feel personal and warm. This comes through more on their folksier tracks. (Not to take away, obviously, from the excellent production and instrumentals of fellow Flunkies Ulf Nygaard, Jo Bakke and Erik Ruud.)

Although Flunk came late into my life, the timing is also pretty good as tomorrow I’m off to sunny Sanya, where I have firm and determined plans to baste myself like a roasting turkey by the pool/ beach for 4 days. Trippy Flunk-style ear balm is exactly what I need.

And so I will say Ta Ta with this sweet little George Michael cover: