Mini Review: Best Coast “The Only Place”

Posted on March 29, 2012


“The Only Place” is the first official single from their new album of the same name. Presales are on, and you can download the track from their ‘site. Of course, the Tube works too:



Best Coast’s first album was Crazy For You, and I liked them because of their lo-fi, chilled-out Cali surfer sound. I think frontwoman Bethany Cosentino’s tone and vocal style is a fabulous match with Bobb Bruno’s garage-rock guitaring and drumming. They have a super spot-on sound for the type of songs they pen, mostly about love, loss, lost loves, boyfriends, you get it.

On the topic of pen. OK, so Best Coast are not known for their deep and complex lyrics. No Dylans there. No worries, cos like I said, their lyrics + sound melded into a consistent whole.

But this is… this is taking Not Great Songwriting to a different place. I hate being negative about bands – any bands, really – and I still like Best Coast, heaps, but:

Why would you live anywhere else?/ Why would you live anywhere else?

We’ve got the oceans/ Got the babes/ Got the sun/ Got the waves

This is the/ Only place for me

This is like the grade-school, less-great version of this:



and without the excuse of being recorded in the 1970s. I mean, seriously. Also gone is the lovely fuzzy, echoey, lo-fi sound of Crazy For You. This is clean to the power of MEH. It’s said by some fans on Youtube that they changed their sound cos everyone else but… not really, right?


Let’s go back to happier times (and this super cute vid). Even when Bethany was singing “yeeaaaahhh when I’m with you I have fun” 25 times in here it was still better than this weak Cali salute.


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