Review 10 part 2: Girls

Posted on January 10, 2012


Continuing the Girls review…

Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Father, Son and Holy Ghost

The album kicks off with the exuberant “Honey Bunny” and “Alex”. It’s not upbeat in the way some of the stuff in Album and Broken Dreams were – those tracks tended to be ironic and somehow self-deprecating in their cheer. A bit funny and self-mocking, even. The offerings on Father, Son seem to be more serious. The retro-rock stylings mixed with mournful shoegaze are still present, though, but to me this album is palpably different in feel. “Vomit”, for example – that dark, sad song – is from here. The sense of loss is almost painful to the listener. And yet the guys in Girls are also about hope and redemption – in “Forgiveness”, for example, and “Love Life” (which incidentally has a lovely do-wop beat to it.)

In fact, production-wise, Father, Son is definitely a step-up in terms of being more polished and layered. Way to go, the oft-forgotten-but-talented JT.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Chris Owens noted that while his singing had improved, it wasn’t as great as it could be. His musicianship and songwriting, however, were things he was rather proud of. To resolve this issue, he hit on the brilliant plan of propositioning Justin Bieber. Which, he did, by tweeting him. It’s hilarious. Go read. Justin! What an offer, man. Chris Owens writes lyrics with lots of “baby”s too, what’s the problem?


Will I listen to this again, and if so, under what circumstances? Fuck yeah. Under every possible kind of situation – I have already tested these. (At the gym, going to the bakery, sitting on train, doing laundry.)

Will put on music player? Stop asking stupid questions.

Bliss out, folks.



This, “Jamie Marie”, is my favourite track on the album. It reminds me somewhat of this line I read once – “olives as bitter as regret”. And yet it’s beautiful and hopeful too.


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