Revelation of the Day: All that Blah Blah Blah and Someone Says it in Three Lines

Posted on January 5, 2012


Blur ist beauty foto@me

Just wanted to revisit Greil Marcus’ hippie-fab interview that I read and posted yesterday. I write these essays and such on art/ music, analyzing, breaking down, defending, blah-blah-blahing (if you give a shit, some of them are here) and this dude says it all in one fantastic analogy.

Deconstruction, you know, it started out as fun. How does this thing work, what makes this tick?  And that’s fascinating and can be illuminating and instructive.

But let’s say you have a clock. And you love this clock, it’s handed down in your family many generations, it’s beautiful, it always works, the alarm always goes off when it’s supposed to… and then one day you take it apart.

You can have two reactions when all the pieces are lying on the floor. You can say, “Isn’t it incredible that all these little pieces—each of which is nothing by itself—can combine into this marvelous artifact?” Or you can say, “Look! It’s just a bunch of stuff!”

So anyway, my thought of the day is simplicity. And today’s offering, a black-and-white mv for Shabazz Palaces, is just simple(y) super, super cool. Enjoy and peace out, yo.