A Bit o’ Heh Heh Heh on a Monday Night/ Tuesday Morning aka And You Thought Hootie and the Blowfish was Bad

Posted on December 20, 2011


Well the lovely clever folks at The A.V. Club have rounded up probably… the best list made ever this year. A year in crazy-ass band names! Clik-pik:

courtesy of avclub.com

My favs:

The Roast Beef Curtains, only because I’m never heard of, huh, lady part thusly and so accurately described. And whaddaya know, they iz on Yootoob, giving us some interestingly electro-fied reggae: (granted the only comment so far is “That thong shot at the end gave me a rock hard boner.” You know you need to get to the end of the vid – oh, I see.)


You Bred Raptors? Yeah, me too. Love the cheerful conversational tone of that name. There’s a ton of ‘tube vids of the trio playing in New York subways, which I think is awesome. It’s extremely enjoyable metal that includes a cello.


Say “No!” to Architecture, amazing innit? Who could ever? (Say “no” to architecture, I mean.) In case you’re too lazy to click on the link, their bio says, “They had a house of crystal pillars by the edge of an empty sea, and every morning, you could see Mrs K eating the golden fruits that grew from the walls or cleaning the house with handfuls of magnetic dust which, taking all dirt with it, blew away.” I suppose too many crystal pillars and magnetic dust piles would make anyone say no to architecture. I dig the trance, though:


Com Truise. Ahahahahaha. I’m still giggling. I actually think this is fucking clever. They call themselves “master of the transporting synth odyssey”. (Actually I think it’s just the one guy, New York producer Seth Haley.) Here’s the proof:


Trippple Nippples. Me and you both, sister. It’s a Tokyo band, very performance art in their approach. Their music sounds like a younger and even crazier Cibo Matto, if that’s at all possible. This video, containing a snippet of their show, is simply sumptuous. And, Pharrell is in it. I won’t spoil the surprise:


The Hong Kong Blood Opera. I really dig this name. It’s so awesomely dramatic! They are, of course, from Mexico, and they play a particularly mindblowing breed of Electro Punk/ Hardcore. They seem really likeable, too. And when you actually make it onto Guardian, well…

Seriously, they are my fav find of the lot. I can’t believe anyone can turn me onto punk or anything remotely punk-like, but these guys are The Shizzle.


and with that, I will fall asleep to the blood-curdling shrieks of “Wake up! Waaaaake upppppppppppppp!!!!!”

Peace out, yo.