Songs of Da M-F-ing WEEK: 90s hiphop

Posted on December 14, 2011


Popcorn, brothers? foto@me

My life is officially back to normal. After two major events which just near destroyed all vestige of normality in my routine, I am glad to say that I am now just normal-ly busy, as opposed to abnormally, ridiculously stretched thin. And to celebrate, I turn to the 90s. Because, you know, there ain’t no party like the 90s party.

Today a triad will be featured. These 3 babies belong together. They are Alpha, Beta and Omega. Yes, I love them. So? Don’t judge.

In life, you could do worse than to turn to the wisdom of krazy white rappers who have called themselves House of Pain. “I’m the cream of the crop/ I rise to the top” Heh heh. Oh yes.

OK, yeah not 1990s, but it’s kinda 90s-style right? Also “In Da Club” was released in 2003… not sooo far from 1990s. Anyway check out the MV. It’s so delightfully trashy-wanna-be-rich-and-luxe, it’s awesome.

Welcome to Oakland, boys. Go here to read the background on the 2 nutty mvs.

Party on! I’m so happy, man.