Song of the Day: The Cure’s “Close to Me”

Posted on December 1, 2011


Fond memories of equatorial sun foto@me

At age 17, I discovered the joys of both cutting class and The Cure. And it was this song that accompanied me across the bridge to my school at 10.30am, yellow morning sun in my face, book bag on my shoulder, fervently praying the side-gate would be open so I wouldn’t have to trek past the front gate and Principal’s Office. I remember being marked missing-in-action/ late 31 times in a month and thereby being sentenced to weeks of test-tube cleaning duty in the Science Labs, which I was naturally missing-in-action for as well.

The distinctive, sharp vocals of Robert Smith and the exciting guitars and synths also kept me company while I slogged for my GCE ‘A’ Levels. I now think of Stalinist policies of collectivisation and 5-Year-Plans when I hear The Cure.

I’m Soundclouding it with great regret because Youtube or some idiot pulled the audio from the original MV, which was fucking brilliant. If you want to be lame-smart, try to hit both ‘play’ buttons at the same time. Which is obviously what I did. I reckon I was only a few seconds off.

Oh yeah, and that side-gate was always open for me. Score.

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