Song of the Day: TV Girl’s “Lizzy Come Back to Life”

Posted on November 17, 2011


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What a krazy klunker of a day. Luckily I started it with this nutty, chilled-out song:

TV Girl is a indie-pop (San Diego Reader calls it “Lo-fi bubblegum pop geared for the children of chillwave”) group from San Diego who makes the best music for sticky summer day lying by the pool with big sunglasses. This song in particular is a total peanut butter smoothie – as I said, nutty and chilled-out. If this song was a person, he would be the geeky dork dancing by himself at the school dance who later becomes Steve Jobs (RIP).

Guardian compared them to early Beck. Yarp there is a semblance of the cool synth and low vocals in some of Beck’s Odelay. It’s not as mad-scientist genius as Odelay, but I do think TV Girl’s got their own sound going on. It’s an especially great happy ending because their first single “If You Want It” contained “ballsy” (Pitchfork-blessed) samples of Todd Rundgren’s 1970s hit, “Hello, It’s Me”, which resulted in it getting wiped off the interwebs following protest from Rhino Entertainment. Their Benny and the Jetts EP is a super, welcomed bounce-back.

Benny and the Jetts EP

Click here to get their digital album on bandcamp.

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