Song of the Day: Lewis’ “Romance for Two”

Posted on November 7, 2011


As a darling of mine once said, “Some days are just donkey days.”

That was quite exactly the day I’d been having. Nothing too dramatic, just work thingies gone wrong, shit weather, mouldy favorite shoes because of shit weather, a cat that keeps trying to do a runner, and other minor annoyances.

So. Sitting on the bus back home, a soothing balm of a tune crept into my ears.

Lewis’ “Romance for Two”, off his L’Amour album released in 1983 (!!), inspired by Christie Brinkley (!!!!) has an ethereal, underwater feel that sounds completely unlike any other 1980s song I’ve encountered. Radio static crackles in the background, setting this song even further back to a Gloomy-Sunday era. His gentle, barely-there vocals, brushing softly against understated guitars, augment the entire otherworldly atmosphere of the song.

Perfect for blissing out after a donkey day.

Obscure Sound, once again reinforcing the aptness of its name, already did a review on Lewis a while back.

Thank you for being beautiful, Christie.