Hey you! What song are you listening to?

Posted on October 31, 2011


Doesn't he look like someone who'd be listening to LCD Soundsystem?

So Ty Cullen, obviously a smart little chappie, traipsed the streets of New York asking people what song they were listening to at the moment. Responses range from cool co-operation, amusement, bemusement, adorable embarrassment (well she was listening to Kanye West’s Blame Game), dismissiveness and quite often confusion. I suppose people just get used to walking around with the same set list in their players (guilty, me) and don’t really register what it is that’s blaring through their headphones.

This is an old thing, I know, but totally worth re-posting. Especially since it has spawned a whole series of “copycat” (I prefer to use to word “inspired”) videos employing the same simple, fun concept in San Francisco, London, Barcelona, Paris and the like. Awesome. Love it when a great idea goes viral. I wonder if I should do it for Shanghai, but then I’d end up with a bunch of Chinese singers and bands which I wouldn’t know.



Another great place to find random, stranger-recommended (but cool and articulate strangers, like dude-o up there, I’d imagine) is The Guardian Music Blog’s Open Thread, in which people write in with stuff they’ve been plugging their ears with the past week. And since The Guardian actually has resources, like money and employees, this open thread is x1000 awesome because under the little write-ups are links to places where you are listen to the music being talked about. In fact, someone even made a Youtube playlist. Thank you, boys and girls. We all do need to find new ways to use up the hours between here and death.