Goodies from Flavorwire

Posted on September 25, 2011


It’s not without reason that Flavorwire is my fav music/ art/ book/ random collection of Ten-Things… slideshows webby. Two exciting examples of those:

1.10 Things That Are Killing Indie Music in 2011

The excellently-conceived analysis on why indie music is dying/ dead by Flavorpill’s vet music writer Tom Hawkings. I appreciate his concern, and agree with many points, especially on issues of people crying wolf over the “selling-out”/ “commercialisation” (aka Dude I Really Need to Eat Too) of their fav indie music. A couple, like the ones on gender, might have a point but is pretty touch and go, and kinda deflated. But one fantastic thing about this Ten Things installation is that it links to several truly awesome articles, including one of Lana Del Rey – which, like the singer, you will want to talk about.

2. 15 Songs to Soundtrack Your Quarterlife Creative Crisis

Aka, songs to feel sorry for yourself by. By Judy Berman. Starts with the simple rock-y lament of The Replacements, goes through an anthemic Arcade Fire, a disgusted Liz Phair, a flawless Pulp, the necessary Bob Dylan, a nobly stoic Pink Floyd and finishes with a flourish in the loud,pissed-off, catchy girl-group Making Friendz.