Review 5-ish: Andrew Bird (Part 2 and seriously counting…)

Posted on August 9, 2011


Andy B, you match the sky. I like that.

Continuing now from where we left off… I still haven’t finished the albums so I can’t Youtube/ Google Mr Birdy Bird yet. The suspense is killing me. I did next two albums, while nursing a horrific (but well-deserved and very worthwhile) hangover by the pool in beautiful Bali. Therefore, this review will be peppered with irrelevant pictures.

And now, on to Oh! The Grandeur.

You with the feet! Get over here.

It starts off as well as Thrills. Andrew Bird does not look weedy and skinny anymore. He’s fleshing out into a tanned, well-built man, still with a handlebar moustache, but a decidedly more skipper persona. And there is some KILLER jazz trumpet going on. Killer. Oh, the grandeur indeed!

“Rock that candy shop, start it on fire, run away, watch it burn!” So gleeful, Andrew! Well done.

“Vidalia” sings about “leg of lamb”. I’m loving the food theme here. “Beware” is slow, sweet and poignant. And the “Coney Island Shuffle” is irresistably titled and catchy. Now I want a big, greasy cheese pizza. Hmm.

Next up: The Swimming Hour from 2001.

Starts off gentle and slow. Nice. Oh. It hath launched into funky country. (Did I just type that?)

Wow, you can’t accuse Andrew of being narrow. Actually, on second thoughts, “Two Way Action” sounds like a 1970s superheroes’ movie soundtrack. At points.

Now I’m convinced I hear bongos!!

I see you baby! Shaking that ass.

And now it’s a 1950s “Corney Collins Show” opening. Oh, boy.

…. and now, Pink Panther-style mystery romance. In Spanish. This song is aptly titled “Why?” Wow, I’m loving how evocative Andy B is here. Are you wearing a tophat, Andy? You totally must wear a tophat.

The opening of the next track, “11.11”, makes me think of a Haydn trumpet concerto. Of course, it is 1990s Britpop. (I am majorly fretting over my musical references now.)

“Case in Point” puts me in mind of a snapping cape and the word “debonair”. I can’t place the sound, but disturbingly, Zorro comes to mind. Is he rapping now? Yep. La la la. I think I’m now ready for almost anything. Bring on the gospel choir! (Psst: I think he just said “concept of a horse.”)

In the next track, “Too Long”, we’re jollying along at a church camp. In Tennessee. Girls are wearing frocks and boys look like Tom Sawyer. (Psst: He just called someone a “sweet momma”.)

“West Out West”, is obviously, full of rolling tumbleweed and the swinging doors of saloons as people make dramatic entrances and ignominious exits.

Beam me up, Scotty.

Now I have only one question – who came first? Andrew Bird or Beck?

“Fatal Flower Garden” is all vocals and minimal instrumentals – very Nick Cave. I love the Arabian-Nights-style song title.

Oh wait, something is sounding familiar. Why, I daresay “Satisfied” is quite wonderfully inspired by its (much) more famous, similarly-named song! It’s twangy and rocky – “I guess I’m satisfied”, indeed.

I also dig the next track, “Headsoak”. I’m extremely fond of nouns created from verb phrases. This one is cool Micheal Buble. Ok, a really, really, reeeaaaally cool Micheal Buble. With whistling.

And then, a burst of big band jazz, perfect for something titled “How Indiscreet”.

I’m happy! I shall order an margarita.

Till later!

The Beatles WERE on hiatus.

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