The Awesome “Awesome Tapes from Africa”

Posted on August 1, 2011


Yes, this is a print screen. Ignore that. Concentrate on how amazing this site is.

How amazingly rare is it to stumble upon such an incredibly inspired site? Born of love, passion, and what must have been hours and hours and hours of store-trawling, sync-ing, uploading (and also head-bopping, chill-and-bliss outing, stupidly-smiling-at-the-ceiling-ing), Awesome Tapes from Africa reminds us what a glorious, diverse and joyful place the African continent is. (Or can be. No-one’s discounting the tragic religious, ethnic, social, economic and political realities we all know about.)

We have mad scientist music lover Brian Shimkovitz to thank for the labour of love. I think sites like this make the internet and the world a better place, don’t you?

Go lose yourself for, oh, I dunno, 8 hours?